Diabetes Made Simple

Diabetes Made Simple

The ultimate diabetes guide for your Palm PDA

If you have diabetes, or help care for someone with diabetes, this is the program you’ve been waiting for! Empower yourself with the understanding and knowledge of diabetes you need and deserve. Learn, review, and reference everything from the basics of understanding diabetes to the very latest in treatment, including the newest medications.

Best of all, learn with all of the benefits of modern technology and your PDA; this program is "hyperlinked", organized into chapters, bookmarked, indexed, and searchable, not to mention portable!

Topics covered include:

"What is Diabetes"

Explains what's happening inside your body and what complications diabetes can cause.

"Why Control Diabetes"

Explains why it's important to control diabetes and how much of a difference it makes.

"Monitoring Diabetes"

Explains how you and your medical team monitor your diabetes, at home and at the medical office, including checking your sugar, blood pressure, blood tests, etc. Explains complicated tests in simple terms!

"Diabetes Treatment"

Covers important lifestyle changes and detailed information on how to control your blood sugars, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Details include discussions of all major types of diabetes medications, including the very newest! Understand how your treatment and medications work in layman's terms! Also discusses how to prevent most diabetes complications.

"Index / glossary"

All major topics and medications are indexed for your convenient access!

Now you can find the diabetes information you’re looking for and the answers to your diabetes questions in seconds -- with just taps of your stylus, anytime, anyplace! This program was written by a family physician with a special interest in diabetes. The program’s user-friendly, interactive features are made possible by using iSiloTM (required), the best and most versatile document reader available for your PDA.

Don’t wait - empower yourself now!

Diabetes Made Simple


Diabetes Made Simple

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